Rookwood Profiled in New Book

As one of Evanston's many architecturally significant buildings, the Rookwood Gardens apartments was selected to be profiled in the recently released "Evanston: 150 Years 150 Places" published by Design Evanston in honor of the city's sesquicentennial celebration. Copies can be purchased online at the Design Evanston website, through the Chicago Architecture Foundation website, or locally at Bookends and Beginnings bookstore located at 1712 Sherman Avenue alley #1.



Rookwood Gardeners Get the Job DoneRookwood Gardens Co-op Flowers

Thanks to all the volunteer “Rookwood Gardeners” who participated in our annual Garden Fall Clean-up this past October and continue with ongoing garden planting and maintenance. Thanks to their dedication, our most wonderful asset has once again come to life in full glory this spring. Residents are welcome to take part in ongoing gardening efforts - all they  need is a sense of enthusiasm, community, and shared love for our Rookwood Gardens.

New Plaque Marks National Landmark Status










Tapping the Talent of Northwestern

Last year the Rookwood Board applied for, and was granted, the opportunity to work with a team of Northwestern University engineering students and their advisors on a project-based learning assignment. As part of this for-credit class, students are challenged to solve real-life engineering projects identified by businesses and organizations around the community. Our building’s request was to create a custom housing for the base of our outdoor garbage chutes that would residents to deposit garbage without navigating the back stairs. The structure surrounding the garbage cans at the bottom of the chutes would need to provide easy access to janitorial staff who empty the cans but NOT to hungry squirrels and raccoons. Northwestern assigned not one, but two student teams to the task. Working with their advisors, both teams designed, constructed, and installed unique systems that have now allowed two of the three chutes to be re-opened. Members of the Rookwood Board attended the final class where the teams presented their projects and rewarded the students with high marks. The project was so successful both in terms of value to the Rookwood and experience for the students that Northwestern has promised a third team to work on a solution for the remaining chute.