Community Announcements

Enhancing Relations with our NU Neighbors
Living withing the Northwestern University community has many attractions for residents of the Rookwood Garden Co-op. It also comes with the occasional noise and litter annoyances. The City of Evanston encourages community members to report disturbances to the City as they occur so that they can have accurate records of where and how often such disturbances occur. Calling 911 should be reserved for true emergencies or crime reporting; however, for noise or other disturbances, residents are encouraged to call and leave a message on the the community information line, 311.This information aids Evanston public safety officials in allocating resources for

Window Repairs
Iron window repair specialist Dave Darcy continues the ongoing repair of windows throughout the building. In order to maximize efficiency of time and resources, repairs will be made with priority given to those exposures that have experienced the greatest deterioration of the metal sashes in order to avoid the higher cost of future metalwork should that deterioration continue unchecked. We thank those residents who have reported cracked panes for their patience as this labor-intensive process takes place. Directions for "Securing Casement Windows"  can be found on the menu of options to the right. 

Lockout/Maintenance Emergency Procedure
In the event of a lock-out or other maintenance emergency, shareholders should contact AJ Building and Grounds through the number above (same number for both daytime and after hours emergencies). AJ Building and Grounds will respond to lockouts for no charge during the following hours:

Monday-Friday 8 a.m 6 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Fees are applicable for "Off hours" to the shareholder's account.

Calls taken after hours will be directed to an answering service which will, in turn, relay the request to AJ Building and Grounds.

Custodial Service
AJ Building and Grounds (AJBnG) has responsibility for all interior, exterior maintenance custodial services for the Rookwood Gardens Co-op.

Custodial Contact Information:
AJ Building and Grounds
Bill Kakinowski C: +1 (708) 828-5856 E: